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Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist

Is your dog or puppy out of control?

We can help you!

Some common misbehaviors may include: chewing or bitting inappropriate items, excessive barking, Separation anxiety, Aggression towards other dogs and people, jumping on table and furniture, pottying inside the house and on carpets, pulling on the leash, shyness or phobia, destructive behavior etc.

Our Holistic Approach

A better behaved and trained dog is just one call away. Our holistic dog training approach also includes teaching owners the core essentials of canine learning. We understand that giving our clients basic tools and understanding of their pets is the key to a successful and continuous improvement of your dog. We always make time to listen to our clients and design a sustainable training solution. Our packages and services have helped countless owners to achieve their training goals.

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Certified Dog Trainer &
Behavior Specialist

Osvaldo Maciel offers his services throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In 2009 he began working professionally with dogs. Since childhood he's had a special connections with all kinds of animals, this connection enables him to get fast, positive results when it comes to dog training.

When you choose Osvaldo as your trainer, your can rest assured your pet is not only in good hands, but well on its way from a bad mannered dog to a well-behaved, socially aware pet. Positive changes can be seen fast, usually in as little as one day.

Every new client receives a FREE dog training evaluation, you can either choose one of our packages or we can give you a price quote based on your personal needs, the dog training strategies we'll be using and the amount of lessons and visits necessary. All our packages and services come with lifetime support.sin

Services & Packages

Every dog has its unique needs and circumstances, we encourage our clients to start with a phone consultation to give us an idea of the issues and goals you are looking for your dog. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. Call us at: 917.426.7332

In-Home Private Training

One-on-one training with the trainer. A very effective package designed to address specific behaviors and to teach specific tools to owners.

Outting & Training Day

An awesome experience for your dog! Home Pickup & Drop-off (9am-3pm)
Training includes Basic Obedience, Socialization Skills and Loose Leash manners. Maximum 8 dogs. Treats are included, let us know if your dog is allergic to anything. Two dog deal is $80.

Skype Consultation

An efficient use of modern video chat technology to get professional help on issues and problems your dog may be experiencing.

6 Session Training Package

This is not a group class, but a results oriented One on One training sessions package. Our holistic approach process will train your dog and will teach owners valuable tools for the successful improvement of your dog. We encourage dog owners to follow with the homework given.

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What our Clients say

Osvaldo is an exceptional and fun trainer, his approach has worked wonders with my dogs.

Laura Foster, NY

Osvaldo helped us tremendously with a shy and aggressive rescued dog, he's friendly even with kids now.

Arthur Ross, CT

Osvaldo trained us to deal with a difficult situation with our dogs, he did it fast and efficiently. Thank you Os!

Veronica Miller, NJ

Are you ready for a better version of your dog?

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